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In search of healthy baby food, this startup goes back to grandma’s recipes

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Six years ago, when Shruti & Bharat Tibrewal became parents, their quest for healthy baby food made them realise that there are no available options that are 100% organic and come without preservatives or added flavours. To provide a healthy baby food option to parents like themselves, they then founded Bebe Burp in 2018.

Bebe Burp is made with no artificial flavours, no skimmed milk or preservatives, vitamins or minerals, and owing to its unique offering, recently raised $280k in seed funding and emerged in INC42’s “Fast 42 Emerging Startup” in India, while also featuring in Shark Tank India. Bebe Burp has sold more than 60,000 jars so far.

The baby food segment is a fast-growing market, expected to show a volume growth of 5.2% in 2023, according to Statista. While the market is cluttered with a lot of options already, commercial baby foods have recently come under scrutiny, with some of them containing toxic heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury, according to a Harvard research report. It therefore becomes crucial to find food options that are easy to prepare and that parents can feed their newborns without guilt or worrying about their toxicity.

Speaking about how she came to find these unique recipes, Shruti says, “To curate organic baby food recipes, I asked my grandmother how they managed the diet of newborn babies in their time and she introduced me to millet and barley-based diets. What started as me trying to create a healthy food option for my own baby then gained traction among my family and friend circles. It was then I realised the need for a healthy baby food option in the market.”

Bebe Burp is incubated at the Gujarat University Startup & Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) and leveraged networking support from the incubator to find opportunities to scale up. The startup also recently featured at Shark Tank India.

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