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Aumsat Technologies is building a Resilient Water-Energy Nexus

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Aumsat Technologies is a provider of AI-enabled satellite-based precise energy-water analytics for setting up solar pumps and energy intelligence.

 Aumsat is a team of specialised engineers, scientists, and thinkers who were inspired to come together to address irrigation sector problems by bringing together geomatics, predictive analytics, remote sensing, and object detection. By 2024, Aumsat aims to establish India’s first decentralized catchment management authority and provide hydro informatics to users.

 Vrunda says amid depleting groundwater levels and erratic rainfall, the startup’s solutions can enable equitable distribution of water resources through more accurate groundwater forecasts and help build a sustainable and resilient water-energy nexus. Poverty, hunger, health, gender equality, clean water, and sanitation are the other problems the startup wants to address going ahead. For the young innovator, coding was the most exciting part of the startup journey and developing a user interface was the most challenging.

 An avid follower of the theory of stoicism, Vrunda believes the path to happiness is in accepting the moment as it presents itself. Vrunda is highly inspired by Wing Commander Murali Krishna, who she describes as an out-of-box thinker and motivator with a vision of serving the nation.

 She says more women entrepreneurs can be inspired to become innovators by incentivising investment in women-led companies and modernising certification, grant, and loan programmes. This can also bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship, she says. Vrunda hasn’t faced any obstacles because of the proverbial glass ceiling and credits her family, mentors, and friends’ support for the same.

 “An excellent journey of learning, mentorship, and support,” she says about her association with herSTART 2.0.

 Her favourite quote is by Ratan Tata: “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.”

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